Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Documentary Trailer

Being released on December 23rd, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is a documentary about the rise of Minecraft and why this indie title became so damn popular. Below you can watch the trailer and if you have an Xbox you’ll be able to watch it one day earlier on December 22nd during a special screening for Xbox Live members.

Minecraft Beta 1.3 – Coming this Week

While the Minecraft site is down, Notch did announce that Beta 1.3 would be released early mid week, this week.  So hopefully once the site is back up beta 1.3 will be live as well.  On  patch details are below.
Most of the work I got done last week was with the new launcher, and it’s almost done now! Here’s a mostly complete summary of the changes:
* Newly designed window looks slightly prettier, and also has a nice big space to load an HTML page showing the updates in the latest patch
* If there’s a new update, the launcher asks if you wish to update. You can choose between “Not yet” and “Yes”.
* The launcher only downloads modified files
* Logging in is done over https, preventing sniffing (we even double check the certificate)
* Downloaded files are checksummed, making sure the correct file was received
* You can force a full re-download of all game files in case you suspect your local files are corrupt
* There’s a handy link to go directly to the game install folder
We have a couple of bugs left to fix, and we’re going to try adding the ability to choose what dir to save/load levels from. Playing against your dropbox dir might be fun. Once all that is done, it’ll get released!
While I was away, Jens’s been working on 1.3, which we’re aiming at releasing sometime early/mid-week next week. I’ve forgotten all the new stuff in there (it’s sunday, ok?), but my favorite two are the redstone delay/repeater blocks and the beds. We’re hoping to be able to make the beds feature complete before GDC, but it’s more important to get the 1.3 update out, so some of the functionality might be missing for a week or two.
In other news, all the lights are on here. I tried playing Amnesia, but it turns out I’m a coward. If you’re reading this, Frictional; AMAZING JOB! I’ve never been this scared in a game, ever.
On another note, Notch Tweeted the following today
For one, we decided we do want to add a food meter. You will be able to play without food if you want, but you won’t be as cool if you do.

Minecraft Beta Begins Dec 20th!

As announced on the official Minecraft site, the Minecraft beta will begin on December 20th.  With the move the beta the price to play Minecraft will also increase to $14.90 euros or about $20 to purchase.

With Beta comes a larger focus on polish and content, and we’ll start early on with adding proper modding support with a stable API, and we’d love all input we can get on this from the modders out there. We’ll also add some kind of non-intrusive narrative to the game to help drive the game experience early on, and to provide some kind of late game goal. There will be a bigger focus on testing and stability as well, with more time between updates.

Minecraft Creepers – Where is your God now?

Minecraft Creepers – Where is your God now? demotivational poster.

Minecraft Skin Editor


Pretty cool Minecraft online skin editor, you can customize your own Minecraft skin to your liking quickly and easily, check it out here.

If you like Minecraft, be sure to check out other MMO games as well. Check out the newest MMO shooter Brick Force which looks to be lots of fun.

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Cool Minecraft Creeper Wallpaper

A creepy Minecraft creeper wallpaper


Minecraft Ghast Wallpaper

Awesome Minecraft ghast wallpaper in 3D. Click to view full size.


Minecraft Creeper Comic

An awesome rage comic by shirafor, depicting a Miinecraft creeper going too far.

Minecraft Fan Art

A depiction of the author Doomwaffle, on how he see Minecraft when playing, pretty cool imo.

Minecraft Creeper Wallpapers

Some cool Minecraft creeper wallpapers. Click the image to view full size and right click to save as.


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